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Promoting Safety and Convenient Traffic Management and Wayfinding

Traffic Safety, Traffic Management Planning, Traffic Signages and Wayfinding Solutions and Pavement Markings

Pavement  Markings and Road Furniture

We design and install pavement markings for parking areas or roadways and supply various road furniture and traffic maintenance equipment needed for effective traffic management systems and improvement of traffic flow and mobility.

Traffic Signages and Wayfinding solutions

We design, fabricate and install high quality Traffic Signage such as regulatory signs,
informative signs, and directional signs, as well as interior wayfinding solutions for open public areas and enclosed facilities.

Traffic Management Planning

We design traffic management plans and road rerouting plans that are compliant with local
regulations for implementation of various transport systems or infrastructure projects and
undertake actual traffic management services during construction.

Traffic Safety

We facilitate Traffic Safety with the use of appropriate road safety equipment and signage such as hazard markers, warning signs, traffic cones, detour signs, project advisory signs, alternate route signs, roadwork ahead signs and warning signs.

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